"Village of Amami Island", where you feel the great nature of Amami / Branded pongee of Tokiemon・Michinoshima Island park garden, garden wedding

Village south villa garden of Amami
Village south villa garden of Amami
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Experience virtual in Google indoor view, the hall
riboshinnenkai plan, discerning dishes of Amami and a special time!
  • 2017.11.02
    It is ideal day for wedding ceremony in 3 consecutive holidays
    All of you with blog that you are watching It is ☆ good evening If we notice Another November Morning and evening ...
  • 2017.10.15
    amami ♥ senior couple
    Good evening everybody (˘ω˘) It is weather from this week It is shin ☂ by forecast to collapse It is village of Amami yesterday ...
  • 2017.10.05
    Viewing the moon
    It is (˘ω˘) everybody good evening Last night "harvest moon" It was night with a full moon. 15 ...
  • 2017.09.27
    ゜・ ★The candle night ★・゜
    All of you hello (˘ω˘) It is finished in another three days in September October begins! 11 ...
  • 2017.09.16
    \ Instagram /
    All of you hello (・∀) In the Kyushu district very very much Big typhoon is coming close. There is thing during 3 consecutive holidays, too ...
  • 2017.08.31
    BIG fair ♥ report
    Hello, everyone (*' ε`*) It was held on Sunday, August 20 Semiannual BIG fair *・゜ ...
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