"Village of Amami Island", where you feel the great nature of Amami / Branded pongee of Tokiemon・Michinoshima Island park garden, garden wedding

Village south villa garden of Amami Islands
Village south villa garden of Amami Islands
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Experience virtual in Google indoor view, the hall
Village beer garden 2017 of Amami Islands
  • 2016.11.17
    Restaurant W
    All of you with blog that you are watching It is ★ good evening November begins and is cold of morning and evening As for the person who fell sick There will not be many ...
  • 2016.10.28
    Garden of village of Amami Islands changing color
    All clear maple ... that green of garden has begun to turn faintly red in the sky in autumn. Garden of village of Amami Islands is stained with autumnal scenery little by little, too ...
  • 2016.09.25
    Autumn wedding held decision!
    On Sunday, October 16, we hold Autumn Weddimg Fair! Part 1 from 11:00 The second ...
  • 2016.08.23
    We had you arrive toward a lot of wedding festival & tidamarushie in summer!
    Many people visited held "summer wedding festival" & "tidamarushie" on August 21. Thank you ...
  • 2016.08.02
    Summer Wedding Fes!!
    All of you hello (*' ▽') August began, and voice of cicada came to sound still more. Meanwhile, hot day continues and ...
  • 2016.07.04
    Restaurant wedding party♪
    All of you, hello (*^^*) Weather that July 4 is very good today that writes blog. As it was only terrible rain recently, ...
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